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What makes Beaotic so awesome?

Learn how Beaotic instruments are made, and what they have to offer.

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Get your hands on a fully functional Beaotic kit without digging into your pockets!

The LMFree faithfully reproduces the sound of the LinnDrum "LM-2" - the legendary drum machine which can be heard on countless productions since the early 80s. The LMFree provides all the sounds found in the original LinnDrum, in the same high quality as in any other Beaotic Kit.

For this kit we wanted to try something a little different. We've laid out the sounds on the keyboard in a way that mimics how the LinnDrum works. This means that a sound may have two or four different midi notes with different levels. We actually found that it's a fun way to play the instrument.

The only limitation compared to other Beaotic kits is that LMFree has fewer sounds, leaving some keys silent.

Key features

ROUND ROBIN in 5 layers provides a more organic sound by cycling through 5 different samples every time you hit a note. This eliminates the so-called machine gun effect.
VELOCITY TO START results in a sonic expression very different from Velocity to VCA (volume). It controls the start position within each sample via Velocity. The harder you hit the note, the closer you get to the actual start of the sample.
OSCILLATOR DRIFT is a function that adds a subtle pitch randomization, very similar to the pitch drift on old analog oscillators. By using Oscillator Drift you get a more organic pitch.
Authentic pitch logo AUTHENTIC PITCH is a feature that mimics the pitch from a given source. In this case the pitchable sounds on LinnDrum. By multisampling the pitch from the source sounds, the Pitch function behaves closer to the source. Of course, it's still possible to modulate the pitch in real-time, individually on any sound.
NOTE EDIT is where you make individual adjustments of Pitch, Level, Pan and Output of each notes's sound. Pitch can be either absolute or relative to that of the group.
All samples in every Beaotic kit are recorded at 96 kHz. This gives each sound a more accurate amount of overtones, notably when pitched down. Of course it's all recorded in 24 bit with the shortest possible signal chain.
FREE UPDATES are included for the entire product lifetime. All accessories, templates and guides will be developed and made available on this webpage for free as well.

    Please note

    • Beaotic kits require the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later.
    • The free Kontakt Player is not supported.
    • No sequencer or pattern player is included.
    • Much more information is available under documentation.