Designed to inspire


Looking for something that will inspire your music production in creative ways for years to come? That’s exactly what you get with Beaotic kits for NI Kontakt. All our kits have a character of their own, starting with high quality dry sounds, an intuitive user interface, new unique features and flexible output routing. All designed with the demanding producer or musician in mind.

XT-808 provides all the sounds and character from the legendary Roland TR-808 but with everything extended: More sounds more sound shaping possibilities, wider parameter range. Plus of course modern features such as automation. In some ways a much more expressive instrument than the original.

RING MY LINN is not what you would expect from a LinnDrum based kit. All the sounds in this kit were processed with high-end analog ring modulators, resulting in a sound with a very unique character. It’s gritty but warm, and punchy with a much wider frequency range than its original sources.

PORTAMATIC has a cozy vintage vibe to it. It is based mainly on the Yamaha PortaSound MK100 and the Matic CX-1 from Wersi - both analog rhythm boxes. One of the special treats we added was adjustable long-tail spring reverb to half of the snares. PortaMatic is a unique supplement to your drum kit collection.