Two brand new analogue kits


The Beaotic family of drum kits for NI Kontakt just got two new members: The XT-606 builds mainly on the classic TR-606, while the VolcaTron 55 brings new life to the Korg Rhythm 55 and the more recent Volca Beats.

Once again we've added some unique features and a whole bunch of custom sounds from our own collection of analogue hardware, making the kits stand out from anything else on the market.

Read more and check out the demos for XT-606 and VolcaTron 55 or check out all the other kits we offer.

Custom sample randomizer and extensive MIDI control


All Beaotic kits have been updated to version 1.2 which adds two new features: A customized random algorithm has replaced Round-robin and we've also baked consistent MIDI CC implementation into the kits in compliance with our mapping standard "BMS".

Read more below!

The updates are available for free to all owners of any Beaotic kits. Just log on to and grab the latest version from your list of available downloads.

Custom randomizing

We've implemented a custom-made algorithm to replace round-robin.

While round-robin works very well in most cases, it doesn't really work for rolls or trills, where the repetitive nature of the round-robin pattern would become apparent.

To fix this issue, we went for a randomizer. It had to be a customized one, because we wanted to guarantee that a specific sample would not be played until at least two other samples from the same pool had been played. And that is not possible with Kontakt's built-in randomizer.

The new algorithm eliminates the so-called machine gun effect even more effectively.

MIDI CC support added to BMS

Beaotic Mapping Standard (BMS) has been updated to support MIDI CC messages - without the need to set up anything in your DAW.

All the most important knobs and buttons has been assigned to specific CC numbers, making it possible to simultaneously control multiple parameters in Beaotic using hardware knobs and buttons.

At the moment, the Behringer Deep Mind 6, 12 and 12r synthesizers support Beaotic BMS out of the box. Other controllers will be supported in the future.

Get the full specification here.