Classic but completely new


Beaotic for Kontakt is a collection of high quality drum/persussion instruments made for the demanding producer/musician, that give you a wide range of classic sounds from famous (and less famous) vintage rhythm machines - plus a generous amount of new, original sounds all tweak-able to you liking. New, expressive performance possibilities and modern automation options, sets Beaotic apart from the originals - as well as many other current Kontakt instruments.

Vintage drum machines

Most of the kits in Beaotic are based on thousands of samples of classic drum machines like Roland TR-808, WersiMatic CX-1, Korg Rhythm 55 and several others.

Electronics that - in some cases - are more than 40 years old are not as stable as modern equipment, but with multiple samples of every significant variation these machines have to offer, Beaotic has captured every detail (and every quirk) of these old instruments.

Original sounds

As a bonus, every Beaotic instrument features a gracious number of custom sounds that match the character and quality of the original sources.

All new sounds are made or processed using high quality hardware equipment including our eurorack system. These custom sounds are part of what makes Beaotic instruments truly unique.

Acoustic sounds

Some Beaotic instruments include additional recordings of accoustic instruments. These recordings were made, and carefully processed, to match the character and style of the other sounds in the instrument.

High-quality recordings

All the sounds in a Beaotic instrument are recorded in the best quality possible. We have listened closely to each and every sound, and optimized the signal path to achieve the best possible recording.

We always aim for the shortest possible signal path, with just the right input impedance for every recording. Everything is recorded in 24 bit at 96 kHz with minimal processing - preferably none at all.

As a result, what you get is a high-quality instrument with plenty of room for any post-processing required for your particular taste.

Just the right amount of features


The Beaotic instruments come with several features that lift expressiveness to another level.

These include “Velocity to sample start”, “Drift”, “Impact”, “Color” and others. Some kits even have “Multi-sampled Pitch” and “Multi-sampled Accent”. They all have full support for BMS, allowing you to easily set up any MIDI controller to tweak almost any parameter.

We have added the features that are most important for performance and control, but omitted those that would make the instruments unnecessarily complicated or degrade sound quality.

In other words, Beaotic instruments are just as simple, intuitive and efficient as the best hardware instruments.

The finest instruments at your disposal


Currently, there are six full Beaotic instruments to choose from, and we are continuously working on new ones.

A Beaotic instrument consists of 58 drum sounds, consistently mapped to the same MIDI notes in every kit. Each sound consists of at least five up to several hundred samples, and is assignable to an individual output. For easy setup in Kontakt, a number of output-presets are included.

The user interface is consistent across all kits, and is both elegant and simple to use.

Free updates


To provide you with the best customer support, all updates to Beaotic are free of charge. This applies to bug fixes, new features and new sounds. Just log in with your account and grab the latest version from your list of available downloads.

Random Sample Select

We've implemented a custom-made algorithm to replace round-robin.

While round-robin works very well in most cases, it doesn't really work for rolls or trills, where the repetitive nature of the round-robin pattern would become apparent.

To fix this issue, we went for a randomizer. It had to be a customized one, because we wanted to guarantee that a specific sample would not be played until at least two other samples from the same pool had been played. And that is not possible with Kontakt's built-in randomizer.

The new algorithm eliminates the so-called machine gun effect even more effectively.

This feature was added in Beaotic v. 1.2.

Beaotic Mapping Standard

Beaotic Mapping Standard (BMS) is our Protocol for assigning sounds to keys and MIDI CC numbers to parameters.

BMS allows you to use any MIDI controller with Beaotic - without the need to set up anything in your DAW.

All the most important knobs and buttons have been assigned to specific CC numbers, making it possible to control multiple parameters in Beaotic simultaneously, using hardware knobs and buttons.

If you have a Behringer Deep Mind 6, 12 or 12r synthesizer, you will find that the faders are mapped nicely to many available BMS destinations.

This feature was added in Beaotic v. 1.2.

Get the full specification here.