Made with care for every single detail


At Beaotic we make high-quality, sample-based instruments designed with an eye for what the professional musician or producer needs in terms of sound quality, user interface and musicality.

We offer a range of drum and percussion instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. Each instrument is completely unique and yet they are all very similar.

In our instruments we have sampled a collection of old drum machines (some legendary, some interesting in other ways), and while you can of course emulate the originals with these Beaotic kits, it's also possible to make completely new sounds and musical expressions.

Other kits are based on entirely new sounds for musicians and producers who want something unique.

All Beaotic kits provide the same user experience and functionality, so they are easy and fast to learn and use.

If you want to know more, you can browse the products and listen to demo-tracks.