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The Roland TR-808 is probably the most famous drum machine of all times. It came about in 1980 and has been used on thousands of productions, not only in the 80s, but up to this day. Its unique sound is easily recognizable on classics from all kinds of artists including The Beastie Boys, Phil Collins, Beyonce, and Kraftwerk. Its impact on western music cannot be ignored. Hip-hop, house, and electro are musical genres that were more or less defined by the sound of the TR-808, but it soon found its way into many mainstream productions as well.

Based on the legendary TR-808, the XT-808 is a Kontakt sound library that authentically reproduces the sound of the original, but adds a bunch of extra features and sonic possibilities.

We've tirelessly recorded and edited close to 2500 samples, mostly from the TR-808 itself, to capture it in all of its glory. Recordings were made in excellent 24 bit resolution at 96 kHz, with the shortest possible signal path and high-end converters. Since different sound sources were used, we've also taken care to select pre-amps that match the impedance level of each source.

The XT-808 is made for performers and producers. All controls are automatable via host-automation or MIDI CC. In combination with Accent variations, Round-robin sampling and features such as OSC-drift and Velocity to sample start, the XT-808 springs to life like a very dynamic and truly organic instrument.

Specification highlights
- A total of 58 sounds assigned to individual MIDI notes
- Color variations sampled from real hardware
- Round robin and Accent variations in each sound
- Velocity to sample start
- Oscillator drift
- Very short envelope times
- Sound groups selectable via MIDI
- Individual pitch, pan, level and output assignment on each sound

Included in the download is also a collection of ready-made NKM files with multiple outputs configured.

Please note:

  • XT-808 requires the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later.
  • The free Kontakt Player is not supported.
  • No sequencer or pattern player is included.

Much more information is available under documentation.