Based on the legendary TR-808, the XT-808 is a Kontakt sound library that authentically reproduces the sound of the original, but adds a bunch of extra features and sonic possibilities.

We've tirelessly recorded and edited close to 2500 samples, mostly from the TR-808 itself, to capture it in all of its glory. Recordings were made in excellent 24 bit resolution at 96 kHz, with the shortest possible signal path and high-end converters. Since different sound sources were used, we've also taken care to select pre-amps that match the impedance level of each source.

The XT-808 is made for performers and producers. All controls are automatable via host-automation or MIDI CC. In combination with Accent variations, Round-robin sampling and features such as OSC-drift and Velocity to sample start, the XT-808 springs to life like a very dynamic and truly analogue device.

NB! XT-808 requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4 or later.

Specification highlights
- 13 sound groups, each with up to 6 sounds
- A total of 58 sounds assigned to individual MIDI notes
- Color variations sampled from real hardware - not using Kontakt DSP
- 5 round robin variations in each sound - with and without accent
- A total of 2490 wav files for use in any application
- Velocity to sample start
- Oscillator drift
- Very short envelope times
- Accent variation of each sound with globally adjustable amount
- Pitch, decay and other adjuments on each sound group as a whole
- Mute on/off on each sound group
- Sound groups selectable via MIDI
- Individual pitch, pan, level and output assignment on each sound
- Absolute and relative pitch on each sound

Included in the download is also a collection of ready-made NKM files with multiple outputs configured.


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