The Beaotic Team

Jørgen and Henrik met in Copenhagen, 1994, and immediately became good friends; a central common interest being electronic music and electronic instruments.

Jørgen started working on the initial versions of Beaotic back in 2007. Back then it didn't have a name or a user interface, but kits like the XT-808 and Portamatic were conceptually conceived around that time.

Since then, much has changed. Henrik began participating in 2012, many instruments have been re-recorded, signal paths have been optimized, user interfaces have been made, and now we also have a webshop plus a few resellers of the products.

On this page you can learn a bit more about each of us. We've tried to describe what each of us do, but obviously, like in so many other small teams, we both do a bit of everything, so don't take it too literally.

You're also invited to send us a message, both in case of questions about the products, or if you just want to say hi and maybe share some music you've made using Beaotic.

Jørgen Traun

In 2007 Jørgen started creating a sample based instrument that sounded organic and offered real time control using midi hardware. He's the one who does the recording and editing of the thousands and thousands of samples and makes sure everything is levelled properly in the final kits. The user interface designs are also made by Jørgen.

The journey with electronic music production started for Jørgen in 1986. Since then he has worked on TV- and game productions, as well as worked on a number of records.

Today Jørgen's primary music outlet is Guru Meditations and JOER-T.

He often listens to Plaid, Mathew Jonson, Laurie Anderson, Rhythm & Sound, Siriusmo, Fela Kuti, Booka Shade, Yello and The Art of Noise.

Henrik Jensen

Since a custom user interface in Kontakt requires a decent amount of coding, Henrik, being an experienced programmer, was invited to collaborate on the project in 2012. Today he also handles customer support, communicating with resellers, webshop configuration etc.

It was in 1987 that Henrik would join the "band" Pentitenziagite and start fiddling with sampling on the Amiga 500. In the following years the band was renamed a couple of times, and the sampler was upgraded, first to a Roland S-10, then a Yamaha TX16W and finally an Akai S6000.

That same band is today known as Neotek, and on Henrik's playlists you'll find lots of Front 242, Kraftwerk, Skinny Puppy, The Prodigy and Agent Side Grinder.

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